How to Get a JR Pass in the Phillipines as a Backpacker

Our next stop in our trip was Japan (my first time and I actually didn’t sleep the next before I was so excited!) and we needed to get the JR (Japan Rail) pass somewhere in Manila. We decided to do it whilst we were travelling and not back in England because we had changed our plans a little bit. So we wanted to zoom all the way up to the most northern point in Japan, visit a really nice island there, and do a few stops in Hokkaido (where it reminded us of home) and come all the way back down to Tokyo.

The JR website has some good information regarding outlets where you can purchase the JR pass. As we were in Manila, we went to a travel agents to get ours (there are a few places to obtain a pass). The link is here and you can also see there are outlets in Cebu too.

I emailed a few and I worked on the basis that I needed the pass past and whoever got back to me first would get my business.

The two companies that got back to me were:

Attic Tours Phils. Inc. (I decided not to go with them because they charged an extra 5% if you pay by credit card)

Unit 203 Coko Bldg. 1

Patio Madrigal Compound

2550 Roxas Blvd. Pasay City,


Telephone: 556 6301 to 05 Loc. 201

Mobile: +63 922 8900654

Universal Holidays Inc.

Mezzaine Floor,

Dusit Thani Hotel

Ayala Center,

Makati City,


Telephone: 032 859 3828

www. universalholidays.com


With Universal Holidays Inc we could:

  • you can purchase the 7, 14, 21 day pass (green car or ordinary car)
  • get the JR pass the same day. You have to wait for around 15 minutes (depending on how busy they are) for them to print of the receipt where you will exchange it for the pass in Japan.
  • pay by cash or credit card with no extra fees (there fees are already included in the overall purchase of the pass).
  • they also print off a useful leaflet detailing how to exchange, use the pass, restrictions which is very helpful.

The location of the office is very easy to get too. You get the LRT to Ayala Station and then ask someone for directions. It’s right outside a big shopping center inside the hotel itself.

Voila….15 minutes later and here is the pass (we had already exchanged the ticket in Japan!)

I would definitely recommend Universal Holidays as I was emailing them back and forth with a bunch of questions and they were always quick to email me back.

JR Pass Front

JR Pass Front

Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass


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