Save money with the 2-Day Osaka Amazing Pass

The Osaka 2 day Amazing Pass is a steal if you are planning to visit Osaka’s attractions because it allows you:

  • unlimited rides on all the trains and buses within Osaka city . You can obtain the boundary information by asking when you buy the pass
  • access to 28 sights, where you will get free entry (boat trips, sightseeing and onsens are included)
  • access to some other sights, which you can get discount entry to
  • discount on some certain restaurants and shops with your tokens that come in the brochure when you purchase the pass

There is the 1 day pass, which costs 2,300 Yen however it is much more worthwhile to get the 2 day pass, which costs 3,000 Yen and you will have more more to visit the attractions.

Even if you only visit a few attractions the pass pays for itself and in addition you won’t have to pay additional on the subways to get around Osaka. Osaka is a big place and yes cycling around the city is an option because it is flat and very safe to cycle around but this depends on how much time you have and what you want to see. I would first go to the information place at Kansai airport of any of the JR stations to see if it is worth you getting a pass. It certainly did for us.


2 day Amazing Pass

2 day Amazing Pass

A breakdown of what we had saved:

Attractions we visited:

Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory – 800 Yen saved

HEP Five Ferris Wheel – 500 Yen saved

Osaka Museum of History – 600 Yen saved

Shitennoji Temple – 300 Yen saved

Osaka Zoo – 500 Yen saved

Suminoe Spa Onsen – 650 Yen saved

Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel – 800 Yen saved

Total entry to all attractions above with no pass – 4,150 Yen

Cost of the Osaka 2 day Amazing Pass – 3,000 Yen

Money saved – 1,150 Yen and all transportation around the city for free.

Tips on using the pass:

  • you can only visit the attractions once and multiply reentries will not be allowed
  • use the pass as a normal train ticket and place it through the barriers when using the trains
  • check at the information desk what attractions are closed, open, opening hours because a lot close on Mondays, some close on Tuesdays and some were closed for maintenance. It was very confusing so ask or you will waste your time.

To see what attractions the pass entitles you to click here.

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