About Us

Who we are:

We are just a couple from Leeds, UK. We met whilst studying Mandarin at night class. After that we moved in together, we got joint bank accounts, we decided to embark on a 7 month adventure across the other side of the world.

Call us crazy?!

Maybe but we will be fine. It will work out. We have to make it work out. It’s a trip of a lifetime that we will never forget.

We have both wanted to go travelling for such a long time now but with commitments, work and money restraints, we never got round to it. However 2015 is the year where we are going on an adventure of a lifetime. Our goal is to travel 10 countries in 7 months, leaving the UK on the 1st April.


  • Occupation: IT Consultant
  • Likes: Eating good food, playing games and writing
  • Most excited about: Seeing orangutans and eating!

“Out of the 10 countries I’m going to I’ve only ever been to 3

of them so I am so excited about this trip. I’ve never done

backpacking before so this will be interesting and there will

be lots to learn. I have never blogged either. Yes Andrew works

in IT but this is not his area of expertise so I am working hard

every night and so far I have really enjoyed it even though it is

tough!! I love eating food, seeing new cultures and going out


  • Occupation: Buying
  • Likes: Eating amazing food, cooking, getting nice hugs
  • Most excited about: Diving the beautiful clear waters and
  • eating local food at the hawker stalls

About our Blog:

Our blog is a way we can connect to our family and friends whilst we go travelling – let them know what we are doing, what we are seeing, eating and experiencing. This blog also gives you advice if you are planning on backpacking or are already out there exploring. Read about our adventure here

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